Let competitive intelligence expert Seena Sharp
shake up your conference or workshop

The founder of one of America's first competitive intelligence (CI) firms, Seena Sharp is a noted CI expert whose engaging, provocative and substantive presentations have helped executives and professionals around the world make better decisions by using the power of market intelligence. Since 1979, Sharp Market Intelligence has provided market due diligence, competitive intelligence, and early warning to B2B and B2C clients around the world, including American Express, Berkshire Hathaway, Chase, Hilton, Macy’s, Nestlé, Rubbermaid, Nissan, American Cancer Society, Patagonia, and many others—large and small.


As a pioneer in the competitive intelligence field, Seena snaps audiences out of “business as usual” ruts and shows them how to look at their companies, their industries, and the marketplace with fresh eyes. Your audience will unlearn what’s no longer true, discover opportunities, and start making smarter decisions.


Seena presents keynotes, workshops and hour-long sessions. She’ll tailor her most popular presentations to meet the specific needs of your audience and available time.  Her most popular presentations include:

“Learn Before You Burn: The Market is Not What You Think It Is”

“The Fresh Prince of Strategy: How Will Smith Used Competitive Intelligence to Take Over the World (And So Can You!)”

“Change Your Filter, Change Your Future: Discover Growth Opportunities Hidden in Competitive Intelligence”

Competitive intelligence makes money or saves money—every time. All of Seena’s presentations are designed to give managers the skills affect the bottom line by making better decisions.


Seena has spoken to audiences all over the world at conferences, workshops, universities, and corporate events. She is always ranked high by attendees. (See a partial list of her audiences.)

Meeting planners appreciate Seena’s lively approach and valuable insight: 

“Great speaker! Great substance! Great style!” – Strategic Leadership Forum

“You received the highest overall rating out of 87 speakers.” – Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals annual conference

“You were sensational. The ‘stories’ were perfect…you got applause two times; that is very rare.” – Minority Business Enterprise Center

“Many students thought you were the best of the outside speakers I brought to class this semester.”– Thunderbird Global School of Management

Download Seena Sharp’s one-sheet, then contact her with the date and details of your next conference or workshop. Let your audience get Sharp!