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Seena Sharp is a member of a Ning group on competitive intelligence. Join her and other professionals for ongoing discussions about using CI. Go ahead, “friend” her.

The secret to making better decisions

John Wiley & Sons asked expert Seena Sharp to write the definitive book on competitive intelligence (CI) for management, and the result is a highly readable book with 70+ examples of how and when to use CI for your company’s benefit.

Timely, comprehensive intelligence is the key to making the right business decisions the first time.

The book addresses the differences between competitive intelligence, business intelligence, market research, knowledge management, open source intelligence, and environmental scanning.

Competitive Intelligence Advantage explains:

  • Why data is not intelligence
  • How to unlearn what’s no longer true and recognize what’s emerging; recognizing sooner gives you competitive advantage
  • Why fixating on competitors is misguided and misleading
  • The reasons executives rarely get truth and objectivity from employees—and how to change the company culture
  • Why gut instinct and experience are less and less reliable in a changing world

The market is not what you think it is. Change is transforming every business and industry in unexpected and unpredictable ways. An outstanding product or service is not enough. If your offerings don't reflect what customers want, you're doomed.

Competitive Intelligence Advantage: How to Minimize Risk, Avoid Surprises, and Grow Your Business in a Changing World is for executives who makes strategic decisions about the products and services their companies offer now, and the direction their companies will take in the future.

Sound like you? Competitive Intelligence Advantage will help you:

  • minimize uncertainty
  • identify growth opportunities
  • discover the realities of a changing marketplace
  • shift your focus from competitors to customers
  • seize the advantage of unpredictability

Competitive intelligence always saves money or makes money. It reveals opportunities, threats, and changes early in your planning process, and it debunks long-held assumptions that are outdated or wrong.

Competitive Intelligence Advantage offers you the tools you need to adjust your perspective and put CI to profitable use.